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10 Strain 1kg Sampler (100g/ea.)

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The Ultimate Sampler Pack!

Our Ultimate pack consists of 10 different strains! Each strain is unique to everyone, so why not give them all a try so you can narrow down the ones you prefer the most?

This DOES NOT include the enhanced products!

Botanical Specimen
Mitragyna Speciosa
Sold To Adults Only
No Directions For Use
Owner Does Not Assume Responsibility For Misuse
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Please leave the TEN different strains you would like in the notes section at checkout. IF NO STRAINS ARE CHOSEN IN NOTES WE WILL SEND OUR MOST POPULAR STRAINS IN ORDER TO NOT DELAY SHIPPING.




Green Borneo

Green Indo

Green Malay

Maeng Da Blend

Red Borneo

Red Maeng Da

Red Thai


White Indo

White Kapuas

Yellow Borneo

Serenity Mood Blend

Serenity Calm Blend

Serenity Energy Blend

Serenity Focus Blend

Serenity Relief Blend




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